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Offers by Giacomo Manzù

Giacomo Manzù - Testa di ragazza
Manzù, Giacomo
Testa di ragazza
Bronze, 1987

Post-Auction Sale  18.000 EUR

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Merz, Mario - Albero
Merz, Mario
Mixed media, 1980

Post-Auction Sale  80.000 EUR

Balkenhol, Stephan - Tondi (Männerkopf/Frauenkopf)
Balkenhol, Stephan
Tondi (Männerkopf/Frauenkopf)
Wooden relief, 1993

Post-Auction Sale  80.000 EUR

Balkenhol, Stephan - Ohne Titel
Balkenhol, Stephan
Ohne Titel
Wooden relief, 2000

Post-Auction Sale  39.000 EUR

Chia, Sandro - Angelo
Chia, Sandro
Oil on canvas, 1990

Post-Auction Sale  40.000 EUR

Nara, Yoshitomo - Untitled (Who Snatched the Babies)
Nara, Yoshitomo
Untitled (Who Snatched the Babies)
Pencil, 2001

Post-Auction Sale  30.000 EUR

Kürten, Stefan - The Silence
Kürten, Stefan
The Silence

Post-Auction Sale  28.000 EUR

Hödicke, K. H. - Stillleben
Hödicke, K. H.
Acrylic on canvas, 1975

Post-Auction Sale  23.000 EUR

Tadeusz, Norbert - Ohne Titel
Tadeusz, Norbert
Ohne Titel
Oil on canvas, 1982

Post-Auction Sale  18.000 EUR

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